How to Properly Wrap Jigoshop Content in your WordPress Theme

There is a bit of a challenge when first using the plugin for WordPress in a theme for newcomers. The trick is to properly replace Jigoshop content wrappers with the ones in use in your theme. You would want to do this for most themes, as Jigoshop out of the box is only guaranteed to … continue reading →


Working with the Jigoshop eCommerce Plugin for WordPress

I have spent some of the past few weeks familiarizing myself with the for . While there are a few eCommerce solutions for WordPress available, Jigoshop is a relative newcomer on the block and is in fact still a beta product that will very soon hit 1.0 status. As Jigoshop sits now though, it is … continue reading →


WordPress Bookmark Short Code for Links

Here is a useful little WordPress shortcode that some might find helpful. It is a ‘bookmark’ code for accessing links in the Link Manager of WordPress from within your posts or pages. WordPress shortcodes are handy post editing tools to speed up the writing process, especially for something like links that require a fair bit … continue reading →


How to Setup Postfix for Mac OSX and WordPress PHP Mail

I have been running a off of my own computer for awhile now and wanted to use the Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin for WordPress. The problem was while the Apache web server was up and running along with PHP and MySQL to handle the back end for WordPress, there was no Mail Server for … continue reading →


WordPress Theme Options Panel Framework

My Theme Options Panel Framework (TOPF) for WordPress is ready for public consumption and I have released version 1.0. TOPF is a WordPress Options panel appearing in the Appearance section of your WordPress Admin. It is useable within any WordPress Theme. It was originally work done by Devon Price’s Thematic Option’s Panel and I have … continue reading →