Is Twitter in a bidding war over TweetDeck?

TweetDeck LogoThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that Twitter may be in a bidding war to acquire TweetDeck, my favorite Twitter client.

TweetDeck is a full featured desktop client for Twitter and they also have versions for phones and other devices. It is the best client for accessing Twitter, bar none in my opinion. That Twitter is looking to acquire TweetDeck could be a good thing to ensure ongoing development and compatibility with future course changes that Twitter may implement.

Certainly, Twitter is probably concerned about ceding a large proportion of Twitter usage to UberMedia and therefore wants to acquire it for themselves. In my opinion they should have been doing this anyway.

It was reported a few weeks back that Twitter web usage was down due to the large number of users that were using clients other than the Twitter web interface and skewing the numbers. This prompted Twitter to warn developers about re-creating the Twitter experience.

As far as I’m concerned that is a direct translation for “don’t steal our thunder“. Note to Twitter: your web interface is terrible and you should have a dedicated client under you control. Twitter should have been all over this in the first place instead of being reactionary.

Once you have used a dedicated Twitter client you will never want to go back to using Twitter’s web interface. I can only hope that the developers of TweetDeck will side with what is best for their users and I believe that aligning with Twitter would be in everyone’s best interest.

What do other TweetDeck users think of this development?


How to Choose a Strong Website Password

Blog owners from all over the world are being advised to re-consider their website password security after was hacked yesterday.

Announcement: Security Incident — is Hacked.

Only a website hosted on should be affected (not self-hosted websites), but it does raise the issue of Internet Password Security once again. It is possible that this breach could adversely affect those users Facebook and Twitter accounts if the same password is employed for those websites as well.

It’s not the first time password security has been in the news, as it has been revealed that hackers had previously managed to break into the accounts of many Twitter and Facebook users in the past to name just a few.

As has been explained before, you should never use the same username and password on multiple websites. It’s like having a global key which can open every door; if they grab your password in one place they can try it on any other website.

You should also ensure that your password is not a dictionary word and is suitably complex that it’s hard to break with a dictionary attack. Always use a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to form your strong web passwords and try not to use the same character more than once. This will give you the most security.

I try to use variations of — 4 my Name is Jeff parsons & eye Like $ 2 — for a strong web password.

Here’s a video which explains how to choose a strong website password, which is easy to remember but still hard to crack:


Do you need a Web Designer?

What is a Web Designer?  It’s a tough question for some. There are lots of people who call themselves Web Designers.

For myself, I can design a website, suggest someone to design it for you, or work with your existing web designer to make modifications to your existing site. So yes, I guess I’m a website designer.

Website design can be confusing. I don’t usually refer to myself as a “web designer” because I work from a broader perspective, and because my experience is broader than that of most web designers as well.

Web design is only part of the equation.

Ultimately, I help business owners identify and adopt Internet Marketing strategies to grow their business using tactics such as websites, search engine optimization, social media, as well as email and video marketing.

A “strategy” is a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. A “tactic” is a device for accomplishing a goal. So, I specialize in Internet Marketing strategies using all the available tactics to increase brand awareness and bottom line.

I am a “web designer”, but it’s not the primary function of my business and more importantly why should you care if I call myself a Web Designer or not?

Web designers tend to be “techies”, not marketers. Anyone can take a course or buy some software and call themselves a “web designer.” Even high school students study web design these days and some kids can crank out websites that look pretty good.

(Owning a calculator doesn’t make you an accountant … nailing together a storage box doesn’t make you a home builder … so why should learning Dreamweaver make you a web designer?)

You need someone that can actually make a profit for you!

Why hire a web designer when you can hire an Internet Marketer for about the same price and often much less?


How Social Media Can Work For Your Business

There can be no doubting Social Media's rising influence from user generated communities such as Facebook, Twitter, weblogs, wikis, and bookmarking sites all collectively referred to as Social Media.

If statistics show that fully 90% of the people are leaning more towards word of mouth recommendations from their peers, then it stands to reason that recommendations from targeted and loyal consumers from these sites are a great way to garner more sales.

By joining these active communities you put yourself in front of your target audience where you can build relationships and promote your products or expertise and establish your brand. This idea is not new and many people have spoke of the value behind engaging in Social Media. Social Media Is A Means To Achieve Workplace Collaboration by Mark Drapeau offers the view that collaboration is the end result of using Social Media tools. Lorrie Thomas goes further with a discussion of Social Media Marketing for Small Business.

Lets look at some of the benefits of Social Media for Business Marketing.

• Relationship building via communication. Social media supports equal ground communication for sharing of information and feedback that can attract qualified consumers to you by building on your knowledge and their trust.

• You can give power to your target consumers by giving them a means of collaboration through Social Media. When your target market feels powerful and can identify with your collaboration, it will trust you and buy from you. Social Media accomplishes this by allowing your consumers to communicate with you on equal ground.

• Social media works as a marketing tool because it’s enjoyable. People want to go where they feel they belong and enjoy themselves. If they feel that their questions and concerns are being listened to, then they are more inclined to trust and buy because of the aforementioned communication and collaboration.

When using Social Media for marketing in business you should remember that your efforts need to have value. Provide good content, mean what you say and follow through with your execution. This serves to get people to follow you and your business. Engaging in social media marketing only starts the relationship building process.

Start slowly, and build your community. Here is how a few Nashville small businesses use Social Media to reach their customers.

Jennifer Casale uses Twitter to get out fast facts about the green and organic products she sells at her store. Casale also gives her followers some insider-only information.

“We’ll usually have a Twitter deal of the day and it will be something random and it will only be on Twitter. So the people who follow us there can come in and take advantage of these little offers that we have,” Casale said.

Are you using Social Media to communicate with your customers?



How To Supplement Your Twitter Productivity

Twitter is an invaluable social media platform and combined with the third party applications designed to support it, they are an essential apparatus for driving traffic to your business and linking you to qualified consumers.  There are several components to driving traffic to your site using Twitter as the springboard and one key component for automating it.

First, as a provider of consumable information you need keyword targeted RSS Feeds from Google Alerts or any other RSS source that are fed to an RSS feed ‘Tweeter’ such as TwitterFeed. This provides consumers with target specific tweets that help raise brand awareness for your Twitter UserName. This allows you to provide timely and relevant information that they are interested in which embodies trust in the value of your content, all on autopilot.

Next, an application to monitor conversations such as TweetDeck, Seesmic or HootSuite would top the list although the Twitter Web interface could be usable in a multi-tabbed browser window. This will be your main consumer interface for answering questions and providing information related to your brand and the best ones will keep you on top of trending topics while reducing the time to navigate through them.

Finally, a mechanism for automating a lot of the work involved with maintaining a Twitter presence such as SocialOomph Professional.

I’ve used SocialOomph Professional to schedule tweets in advance, recurring tweets, manage multiple Twitter accounts, and provide a follow/unfollow automation all of which I find essential to reduce the maintenance time involved.  Here is a partial list of features that I find useful.

  • Supports Twitter and Facebook
  • Scheduled Tweets
  • Recurring Tweets
  • Track Keywords
  • Reusable Drafts
  • Direct Message Automation
  • URL Shortening
  • Automated Follow and Un-follow
  • Approve (vet) New Followers
  • Twitter List Assignment For Followers
  • Followers With Clout
  • Filter Profiles
  • Spam Protection
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Run Your Own Bots
  • And More …

In this way, I can make sure I keep track of Twitter user conversations important to my consumers. I was so enamored with the time SocialOomph Professional saved me, that I became an affiliate.

Click to visit SocialOomph Professional