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Is Twitter in a bidding war over TweetDeck?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Twitter may be in a bidding war to acquire TweetDeck, my favorite Twitter client. TweetDeck is a full featured desktop client for Twitter and is the best client, bar none as far as I’m concerned. In my opinion Twitter should have been doing this anyway.

How Social Media Can Work For Your Business

Let’s look at the rising influence of Social Media for Marketing by using communication, collaboration and enjoyment to build relationships with qualified consumers of your brand or product and why you should do that.

How To Supplement Your Twitter Productivity

How to supplement or otherwise increase your Twitter Social Media marketing productivity when marketing your product or brand for driving traffic to your website with qualified consumers. Described is an essential apparatus to automate driving traffic to your business and linking you to qualified consumers.

Understanding Twitter For Small Business Marketing

An explanation for small business managers illustrating that using Twitter and Social Media Marketing for small business can raise brand awareness and drive traffic from qualified consumers to your small business website or blog.

The Social Media Revolution

A Revolution involves a drastic action or change and the video The Social Media Revolution illustrates some startling facts and figures defining a substantial shift in the way people interact and communicate with each other in recent years.