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MockFlow Online Wireframe Tool for Web Design

Wireframes in web design can increase the designer’s productivity and reduce the back and forth between the designer and the client during the development process. It allows for proof of concept visualization and sign-off, and reduces the need for alterations after the fact. It is nearly essential for larger websites with a lot of content, […]

Theming WordPress with the Thematic FrameWork

The past week has proved quite interesting and fruitful. I recently came across a tweet on Twitter recommending frameworks for WordPress theme development. After looking over the list and quickly reviewing the candidates, I decided to download and install the [bookmark id=”22″ text=”Thematic Theme Framework”]. There were several other recommendations, Hybrid and Genesis to name […]

Is AdSense for Websites Good, or not so Good?

AdSense is used extensively the world over to generate income from Google ads that are placed on the posts of a blog or website. These are marketing ads that are usually specific to the content of the page and when a user clicks on those ads, Google AdSense pays you a small referrer fee. As […]

Do you need a Web Designer?

Website design can be confusing. I don’t usually refer to myself as a “web designer” because I work from a broader perspective. Web designers tend to be “techies”, not marketers. Anyone can take a course or buy some software and call themselves a web designer. You need someone that can actually make a profit for you!