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How to Manage WordPress 301 Redirections Without Modifying Apache

Urban Giraffe has a great WordPress plugin I wanted to share with you. Have you ever set up your blog and then thought that the permalink structure you had chosen was not what you really wanted? Or perhaps you titled a post and then later thought better of it and wanted to change the title and perhaps the corresponding post slug? For these and other reasons, you need a tool that won’t break your incoming links to the new permalink structure or title and post slug change.

[bookmark id=”20″ text=”Redirection”] has been running on my site for awhile now and I have found it to be a great tool for permalink structure changes as well as post slug modifications among other things. From the Urban Giraffe site:

The main idea behind Redirection is that you create several URLs that you want to redirect. These URLs are placed within a group, which in turn is placed within a module. The module determines how the URLs are redirected, and the group allows you to logically organise the URLs.

On one occasion I had posted a topic only to discover the next day after Google had indexed it that it had a spelling mistake in it. Simple post slug change and add a redirection request to Redirection and problem solved. I had also changed my permalink structure some time ago and after other sites have indexed or linked to you pages, they are still using the old links and were hitting 404 not found errors. Add a few lines into Redirection and problem solved; the users were now redirected to the new URL’s on my site.

There is a complete logging and statistics section to the plugin so that you can monitor how many times a URL has been redirected as well as 404 error integration allowing you to monitor the log and map out 301 redirects based on the errors. These and other features are documented on the Urban Giraffe website.

It’s a great little tool and I highly recommend it. Thanks Urban Giraffe!

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