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Setting up a Home Webserver with a Dynamic IP

While in the past I have used a hosting service to run a website, I have for some time wanted to run my website off of my own home based computers.  The problem of course, is a constantly changing dynamically assigned IP number from my ISP making it impossible to have a permanent address that others can use to find my website.  I recently stumbled across DynDNS and have found a nifty solution to the problem.

The service works by having software on your computer that detects when your external global IP number is changed by your ISP and notifying theDynDNS servers of the new address.  They then match up the new IP number with whatever domain names you have registered with them.  When someone tries to load your site, DynDNS directs them to your new current global IP number giving them access to the webserver running on your home computer.

So, I subscribed to their free service for a subdomain and chose from a list of possible offerings. From there it is just a matter of downloading their client software and setting it up to access your account and notify it if your global IP changes.

With a bit more work, I had PHP, MySQL and Apache running on the home computer fairly quickly and then with installing the WordPress files and database, I now have everything up and running and it works very well.

Very nice …