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How to Manage WordPress 301 Redirections Without Modifying Apache

Urban Giraffe has a great WordPress plugin I wanted to share with you. Have you ever set up your blog and then thought that the permalink structure you had chosen was not what you really wanted? Or perhaps you titled a post and then later thought better of it and wanted to change the title […]

Setting up a Home Webserver with a Dynamic IP

While in the past I have used a hosting service to run a website, I have for some time wanted to run my website off of my own home based computers.  The problem of course, is a constantly changing dynamically assigned IP number from my ISP making it impossible to have a permanent address that […]

Upgrading Apache Web Server For Apple’s Mac OS X Panther

The version of Apache that ships with Apple’s Mac OS X Panther is 1.3.26. I wanted to upgrade to the latest recommended release of Apache, pre 2.0, which is 1.3.33. The following steps will guide you through compiling and installing the upgrade.

DivergeTowardsInfinity Powered by WordPress

In the past I have been tinkering with various CMS (Content Management Systems) for website maintenance. Joomla, Drupal and Mambo topped the list with brief excursions into Geeklog, PHPWebsite and several others. Then came [bookmark id=”21″ text=”WordPress”]. Yes, it figures it came last, but it certainly isn’t least. To say I’m impressed with it’s simplicity of […]