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How to Properly Wrap Jigoshop Content in your WordPress Theme

There is a bit of a challenge when first using the [bookmark id=”25″ text=”Jigoshop eCommerce”] plugin for WordPress in a theme for newcomers. The trick is to properly replace Jigoshop content wrappers with the ones in use in your theme. You would want to do this for most themes, as Jigoshop out of the box […]

Working with the Jigoshop eCommerce Plugin for WordPress

I have spent some of the past few weeks familiarizing myself with the [bookmark id=”25″ text=”Jigoshop eCommerce plugin”] for [bookmark id=”21″ text=”WordPress”]. While there are a few eCommerce solutions for WordPress available, Jigoshop is a relative newcomer on the block and is in fact still a beta product that will very soon hit 1.0 status. […]